Simon Jones


Born: Chelmsford, Essex, UK, 1971.

My name is Simon Jones. I am responsible for the creation of many websites that are in no way anywhere near as naked and dull as this boring white page.

You can visit my websites at the following addresses. - A site that links to all my latest online creations and gives far better information than this page. - My blog which is updated regularly. - Articles written by me playing 'Simon Jones the author! :-) - My personal website that scrolls to the right. - Point and Click features phtographic galleries of pictures I've taken.
Some pictures of me. - A page full of pictures of my ugly mug! :-). - Short and usually amusing movies by me. - Where I work.
Poshcoffee - One day, you never know :-)

Okay, those are the links. Sorry this page is so bland. To be honest it was really designed so search engines pick it up when people do a search for the name "Simon Jones". I guess I just like making myself available on the net!

Please feel free to contact me by using the forms that are provided on all of the sites listed above. I don't put email addresses online anymore because they are just added to junk email lists. If you visit there should be a form on that site somewhere where you can email me. You can call my voicemail number if you so wish. The number is +44 0705 066 2651.

Thanks for visiting.