Simon Jones

Simon Jones - Just Another Simon Jones perhaps?

There are of course many people called Simon Jones. Last time I check Google listed over fifty thousand websites that made reference to someone called Simon Jones. Doctors, Priests, Musicians, Cricketers, Violinists, Actors, Authors, Artists, all sharing one thing in common, the name Simon Jones.

So with such a common name I am wondering how it is you've found your way to this page? Were you looking for me, or another Simon Jones perhaps? Maybe you were looking for something else entirely?

So now what? How far can curiosity stretch?

Simon Jones
I decided to create a site about who I am, however I didn't want it to be 'run of the mill' in any way and I think this page has been the single most commented on web page I have ever created! Explore this page because there is more to it than meets the eye.

Before i Forget
My day to day blog where I write about whatever I feel like writing about really. This could span all kinds of subjects from movies to religion, politics to the environment. It's completely searchable too.

Started back in 1997 when I was working at the University of Liverpool, this is an online collection of articles written by me simply because I wanted to write. Originally known as 'Meanwhile Back in Reality' the name was shorted to 'Meanwhile' when I took up writing again after a short break.

Point and Click America
This is a little website I created while on a train from Seattle to Portland. It was simply a way I could share pictures from my trip to the USA with my friends around the world.

simon jones photography
While I am no prize winning photographer I have managed to sell my photographic services and photographs over the last couple of years. Until recently I didn't have a site devoted exclusively to this string of the creative bow, now I do.

Posh Telly
Short movies made for the web just for fun. Some are dumb, others are a little bit more 'artsy' but all are made with just my video camera, my Mac and iMovie.

American Reality Radio
In 1999 I took a hand held tape recorder to the States in order to capture some audio sound bites from my trip as I couldn't afford a video camera at the time! I ended up creating this site and some 'MTV' style radio shorts for my friends to listen to online. I would tape the shows then edit them on my laptop ready for my friends back in the UK to listen to that evening!

Reality Radio
Inspired by the site above I continued making 'Reality Radio' shows for a while. A second series in America was recorded as well as other shows covering various events like an eclipse and a wedding in Ireland.

MELT web studio
Thanks to help from my brother, the web design agency MELT was formed back in early 1998. It's been paying my bills ever since despite the abundance of the 'have-a-go-hero' web designers out there armed with nothing more than copy of Dreamweaver and an ability to talk frugal people out of their money. and
After running for years I eventually sold that site and created this new far better search engine site called The UK specific version is really great, but the .com version is also as useful, packed with the major search engines as well as useful links to everyday net services.

Search me!
Can't find what you're looking for? want to drill down into the site and find something specific? Why not search my entire website.


The pictures on the right were all taken by me. You'll find more examples of my photography throught my websites.


Above a cloudy Oregonian morning, three mountain tops break through the blanket of cloud covering the city and stand alone resembling the pyramids of Egypt.

I remember going of a merry-go-round at a very early age, sitting on my fathers lap and waving to my mother each time we serenely passed her by.

England in the fall.

Grand Central Sation in New York City. A fasinating place full of unfolding stories passing by.

One early morning in December I was traveling to Houston from Dallas with a friend. It was the kind of morning when both of us were so tired that we hardly spoke. The sunrise was simply aew inspriring.